The Horse Hair Wig and the Law

It is a peculiar sight to see when judges enter courts of their robes and horse hair wigs whereas barristers are equally dressed. Within the Supreme Court docket beneath British rule they line up like Santa Clauses in crimson robes and wigs to manage the regulation. The query is who’re talking for and what’s the which means behind their garb? One would not need to journey too far again in time to safe the solutions.

The time period ‘horse’ is from ‘or-s’, which in historic instances meant sun-light. ‘O-r’ is interpreted as ‘circle of energy’ the place [r] or [ra] means energy and ‘ray’ for a beam of sunshine is from this supply. The circle of energy is the solar and it was this physique that was worshipped and known as the Mom God. She handed down the regulation by way of the excessive monks who interpreted it.

To exhibit their allegiance to ‘her’ they dressed within the skins of horses and wore the mane on their heads. This was the beginning of the horse hair wigs with highlights.

The sun-horse was known as the ‘Magi’ or ‘mom god’s eye’, which is the solar. From this got here ‘majesty’ for the king who interpreted her will as her ‘solar’ on earth. The phrases ‘son’ and ‘solar’ are the identical. This created the notion of ‘sun-kings’ and ‘Sons of God’.

‘Magi’ can also be in ‘Justice of the Peace’ for the administer of the regulation. The color crimson is symbolic of the pores and skin after publicity to the solar and can also be the color of blood. Within the metropolis of Babylon that begin of crucifixion of god-men noticed males voluntarily die on crosses at daybreak to experience the ‘ors’ or sun-beam upwards with the rising solar into heaven.

My analysis adopted reminiscence of reincarnation and information that heaven and hell are myths. Tracing the progress of the regulation from the primary idea of the Solar-God was a simple activity because the story is locked in language, the regulation, and the overall behaviour of humanity.

Individuals bow to the majesty and the Justice of the Peace to acknowledge their god-like standing and that they’ve the authority to talk for and on behalf of the solar.

‘Magi’ is a time period for ‘horse’ and from it comes the time period ‘magic’, which pervades all religions and types of worship. The concept phrases can change the standing of individuals and elevate some to the place of a god, as within the canonisation of saints, is as a lot a product of man’s goals because the notion that heaven is a spot of everlasting bliss or hell of everlasting punishment.

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